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Meet your Drivers

W.A. Popeye Williams 

Just a little bit of my background. I've only had a few jobs since graduating school. Grocery store 5 years became head stock clerk before I moved on. Hertz Car & Truck  rental for 7 years and was Truck Rental & Lease Mgr for the last 2 years. Started with SWBT/AT&T 1975 retired 2005 and while working their started my Popeye Video Productions business videotaping weddings, parties and special events on weekends. After retirement from AT&T I picked up sports events. I freelance for local TV Channel  7 and have worked for CNN and ESPN at times. I've Been shooting all kinds of sports for Greg for right at 12 years. I also started driving Limos, Shuttle Bus, Party Bus, and of course the Limo Van. When I was working at SWBT we took driver safety coarse which the big thing is you never parked your vehicle where you had to back up. If you back up and hit someone or damaged a vehicle you get a day off without pay. All above have one major thing in common. That is people that I come in contact with at every job I've ever had. Treat everyone as I would like to be. Try to be fair on price and service and everything else will fall into place. The one thing that I have picked up from The Hatcher Agency is that my way of giving "Outrageous Service" to everyone and letting them know they can call me anytime. Now working with Twin City Limousine driving the Limo Cars and the Party Bus, Party Van or Shuttle Bus the word service is what  it's all about.

Jimmy Ward

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